Wendy Lafady Headshot

Wendy Lafady

Studio Associate/Teacher

I am a Portland native and have been in the fitness industry since 2009. It all started when my mom put me in a dance class at the age of four and I instantly found that love of dance in my heart. Fast forward, and the real world and big city career became the way of life as adulthood and responsibilities settled in. I recall reading an article about finding purpose in life, the meaning, and doing what you love. This article stuck in my head because I felt something in my life was missing. I wanted to find the balance in my life to take that childhood love of dance and share it with others. I became licensed to teach Zumba Fitness® in 2009 and I felt as if I found that meaning and I was able to share my love of dance and movement with others.

Opportunity presented itself in 2012, I became certified to teach POUND®. The workout fuses cardio, Pilates, isometric movements and is an amazing cardio jam session, my students love it! For 60 minutes they are the drummers as I am there audience with this fun rock out workout!

In 2015, I became certified to teach Yoga. I feel Yoga is a perfect balance to other fitness formats. Yoga allows me to connect with myself over and over again, I feel that moment to slow down, observe, and find that peace. Yoga will be my lifelong practice and am honored to be able to share that peace as I teach to others.

I have thanked my mom for putting that hyperactive four year old in dance classes. She helped me find my path as an adult by using my dance skills as a springboard into the world of fitness and teaching others. I am so thankful for the opportunity and freedom to learn so many, exciting fitness formats to share with my students. Zumba Fitness®, POUND®, Yoga RYT200, TRX, and Boot Camp classes.