Joey Beso

Social Media Manager/Marketing Assistant/Studio Associate/Teacher

I love to share a sweaty blend of yoga and movement that becomes a vibrant, compassionate, cathartic experience for anyone and everyone. The kind of class that makes you leave feeling strong, supported, and worthy of love. I believe in good beats, deep movement, and all of the gratitude. I am humbled daily by the amount of effort and transformation that takes place both on and off the mat. I know it takes courage to show up and I love it when students leave the room feeling lighter and more relaxed. I have roots in orthodox ashtanga, a love for creative power vinyasa flows, and a need to even out all of that intensity with long deep yin holds. I blend many styles of yoga together often crafting a balanced and challenging experience in my movement classes. I hope you will join me for a class soon! When not at the studio you can find me rocking out in spin class, hanging at the dog park or gardening my heart out.