Chelsea Grubbs

Studio Associate/Teacher

One night in college, I stumbled upon a friend doing sun salutations at a house party and decided to join her. I was blown away by how amazing I felt, and soon after I sought out a studio and began practicing almost daily. I took to yoga like a fish to water! I loved how communal yet private the practice was – how each person experienced the asanas and teachings differently, yet we all shared a collective healing energy. Yoga gave me the tools to navigate whatever challenges the universe brings me, and has made celebrating the victories and successes that much sweeter. I became a teacher because I wanted to share those tools and that feeling with as many people as possible.

I love to balance my vinyasa classes with longer holds to really open the body and slow the mind, as well as fluid movements to build inner heat and keep the mind present. I encourage everyone to honor and love their body and their practice for exactly what they are in the moment, because what else is there?