Holly Bussmus


I discovered yoga for the first time while in college, but didn’t fall “head-over- heels in love” until my late 20’s. I turned to yoga during a time when my career left me feeling stressed-out, anxious, tired and feeling unhealthy overall. The therapy provided by a regular yoga practice helped the storm clear in my mind more than any anti-depressant or sleep-aid ever could for me. In addition to the mental benefits, I very quickly saw first-hand the physical benefits that came with the practice and knew that yoga would forever hold a strong importance in my life and a special place in my heart. Through teaching and sharing yoga with others, I hope to inspire and help bring about the same life-changing practice that brought so much joy and awareness into my everyday life. The dream of opening Firelight Yoga with my best friend Jessica Bartley, and this opportunity to share yoga with our community, fills my heart with gratitude.