Gavin Shea

Studio Associate/Teacher

I consider yoga a form of liberation, a celebration of the body in union with the mind and soul. Most yoga poses are not typical postures we stumble upon in daily life. Yoga offers us the space the move in ways we don’t typically move. Yoga encourages us to move in our skin because we can! There is something so beautiful in simply being able to move, a gift often taken for granted. Moving is magic. In my teaching, I aim to guide students through classes that can feel liberating and healing. We will co-create the space together and it’s together that we will collectively uplift each other and cheer each other on as we flow and connect with our breath, movement by movement. The Firelight Yoga community is my family. We will meet you on your mat as you are, where you are within your practice, with arms open wide.

Off of the mat, I am a full-time student at the University of Portland studying History and German. I enjoy reading, hiking, and baking/cooking vegan food.