Gavin Rodriguez

Studio Associate

My love for yoga began when I took my first yoga class in 2017. I was drawn to the mental, and physical challenges presented in yoga as they served as an opportunity to push beyond the limitations I had placed on myself. I believe yoga is a form of liberation, a tool that can be utilized to nourish our minds, bodies, and souls. I am deeply grateful for the practice, and the many lessons it has taught me. Yoga is a great teacher if you listen close enough. Outside of the studio, I am a full-time student at the University of Portland, studying History and German. I also love reading good books, and cooking and baking vegan food! 

At Firelight Yoga I aim to serve as someone that can make the practice of each student flow more smoothly. I hope my presence at FLY helps to cultivate a safe, kindhearted environment. The Firelight Yoga community is my family. I support and respect each individual practice of every student. I will welcome you to the studio as you are, where you are within your practice, with arms open wide. Come by the studio and experience some life-changing classes instructed by our wonderful  FLY instructors. You can catch me in the warm sculpt, and hot power vinyasa classes at the studio!