Join us for an off-the-mat gathering! March is at Chilango PDX! (Mexican + Vegan = Yum)

Did you know we get our community of yogis and teachers together every month for a social gathering? It’s true! We meet up at a different location each month in our N. Portland neighborhood and it’s a great opportunity to hang with your fellow yogis, meet new friends + expand the community. Stay for the entire time or stop in when you can.

When: Thursday, March 28
6 – 8 pm

Where: This month, we are supporting a local Mexican woman-owned favorite:
Chilango PDX
2223 NE Alberta St

About Chilango:
At Chilango PDX, we embrace the fusion of tradition and innovation in every dish we create.

Our culinary journey combines time-honored techniques with a scientific twist to craft extraordinary vegan alternatives, all while preserving the cherished flavors and textures of traditional recipes. Our secret lies in the art of ingredient selection, meticulous preparation, and innovative cooking methods, ensuring that each bite captures the essence of its non-vegan counterpart. Join us for a dining experience where the past meets the future, delivering the authentic tastes you love in a delightful vegan rendition.

Take as an example, our unique Queso Fresco is exceptional in taste and made exclusively with almonds using traditional methods.