Take a Sliding Scale Class Every Day!

Did you know FLY offers one class EVERY DAY on a sliding scale? Find the classes on our regular schedule with “SLIDING SCALE” in the class name and sign up for as little as $8!

Monday 12 pm: Mobility Matters- A Class for All Ages
Tuesday 8pm: Restorative Yoga
Wednesday 8pm: Yin w/ Candlelight
Thursday 10am: Mobility Matters- A Class for All Ages
Friday 4pm: Vinyasa Flow
Saturday 4pm: Hot Gentle Vinyasa
Sunday 12pm: Gentle Vinyasa

What is a Sliding Scale Yoga class?
Sliding scales make classes more accessible for those who need it to be, while those who can afford to pay more do so. Our regular single class price is $24, so we have made the following pricing options available for you to choose from based on your own current financial situation: $8, $12, $16, $20, or $24.

You can also sign up using a class package that you already have on your account if you prefer!

If you purchase a sliding scale option when signing up for class and our software defaults to your current class package, we can switch it so you can save the class on your class package for a different class.

Click the filter icon at the top of the schedule and change “All Class Types” to “Sliding Scale”