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Firelight creates an atmosphere based off of love and learning vs. knowledge and competition.

I was embraced and accepted and pushed based off of my own skills, not others. I feel welcome and rejoiced, there isn’t another studio quite like it!

Kat K. 09/09/2019
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Firelight has been my yoga home for a few years now.

At first it was one of the only hot yoga place in town that wasn’t Bikram, but it quickly became much more than that. It’s a community of truly kind individuals who want to help everyone feel like their absolute best selves!”

Kaitlyn O 03/04/2021
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Just what I need

After searching for gentle classes at times that fit my schedule, I landed here, and I’m so happy I did! I’ve tried a handful of classes with different instructors and enjoyed them all. When I’m at FLY, I finally feel safe enough to physically and mentally engage in the true healing of yoga. I appreciate the careful attention they give to their members: locking the outside door during classes, holding a variety of classes offered at different times throughout the week, offering cold eucalyptus towels, writing welcome cards, holding workout challenges, giving discounts for teachers, and allowing easy online class reservations. Shoutout to Amy Liss for helping me to truly fall in love with yoga. Thank you, all for providing such an amazing space.

Alex P 08/13/2023
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