Our Inspiration Behind Firelight Yoga


Inside each of us, is a flame of light. Our inner “firelight” manifests as the transformations we make and express in different forms, including emotions, thoughts and wisdom.

Cultivating this fire gives us clarity, insight courage and joy. Tending to the flames by doing things like practicing yoga and meditating, regulates our natural energy flow and balances our reserve fuel.

Firelight Yoga PDX is not a franchise or a corporation. We are two friends living our dream of sharing yoga in Portland, Oregon. We are a small, local business, and we started Firelight Yoga so that we would not be tied to, or associated with, any one “guru” or chain of studios. We certainly embrace relationships with other studios in the area in finding ways to team up and share the yoga love. Whether it’s in the form of workshops and other special events, or volunteering our time together for a worthy and precious cause, we welcome friends and new relationships always.

So how did we choose our name? When we first began our journey to open our yoga studio, we intended to be a part of a chain under a “guru.” Over time, it didn’t feel right. (Our favorite motto is “Do What Feels Right.” -Thank you Lori Stewart!) After much thought and meditation, Jessica and I decided that our studio should be a place that is representative of us and our community, not one individual person. Days of meditation and brainstorming led to the mutual agreement that our studio would be called Firelight Yoga. It has much meaning to us, and it is our intention to share our passion for yoga and healthy well-being with our community.

We are the one and only Firelight Yoga in PDX!!!
Join us every day of the week for some yoga love.

-Holly Bussmus

“Set your life on Fire. Seek those who fan your flames.
The lamps are different, but the light is the same.”