These two upcoming workshops are our first since pre-Covid days! Are you ready?? WE ARE!!


Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022 • 12 – 3 PM

Arm Balances give us a chance to be playful and try new things on our mat. As we practice them and the shapes and drills needed to find these shapes, we develop strength and flexibility in muscles we didn’t even know we know we have! Arm balances teach us to trust ourselves, to fly, and to fall, which we will talk about how to do safely as we learn to incorporate these shapes into our daily practice. Starting off with a flow to warm up the wrists, shoulders and core, we will move into falling practice, breaking down postures, and fun transitions into and out of them.

If you’re new to balancing on your hands we’ll work on the basics, and if you have arm balance experience we’ll work on stability and controlled transitions. Come ready to play with any arm balancing questions you may have!

$50 / FLY Members: $40

Saturday, Oct. 8, 2022 • 12 – 3 PM

Inversions offer us the opportunity to get out of your head and into your breath and body. Going upside down helps to build strength, increase flexibility, and can push us out of our comfort zones.

In this workshop we will warm up our wrists, shoulders and core with a flow incorporating drills setting us up to invert safely. After we warm up the body, we will be learning how to safely fall, breaking down several different inversions, and learning ways you can incorporate inversions into your regular practice.

Whether you’d consider yourself a beginner or a seasoned headstander, this workshop will help you find more control in your inversions and the confidence to flow on and off your hands in your daily practice.

$50 / FLY Members: $40