Firelight Yoga’s Commitment to Sustainability

Jessica and I are lovers of nature, lovers of this earth. We live by way of sustainability, not just at our homes, but in our business practices as well. We want our earth to remain beautiful for our children and for generations to come. The following are some steps we have taken in order to embody sustainability in recognition of our impact on planet Earth:

We participate in PGE’s Green Future Program

As a member of the PGE Green Future Program, all of our electricity comes from renewable energy. Our participation in this program helps to create local jobs, build solar projects right in the community and supports underserved communities through the PGE Renewable Development Fund. 

We limit our single-use plastic consumption as much as possible and source products from environmentally-conscious companies

  • We now carry bottled water from Proud Source! Firelight Yoga no longer sells single-use plastic water bottles. Open Water comes in 16 oz. aluminum bottles that can be reused and recycled. They also come in 2 options: Sparkling water and “Still” water. Open Water is climate neutral certified and they use 73% post-consumer aluminum. (Aluminum can be recycled again and again infinitely, whereas plastic gets “downcycled” into lower quality materials, if it even gets recycled at all. 91% of plastic never makes it to the recycle bin) And as an extra bonus that makes us even happier to be carrying Open Water, it is a woman/minority/LGBT-owned business! (Please note: we also have filtered water spouts for you to refill your own bottles in each bathroom!)
  • We are converting most of our cleaning and paper products to Seventh Generation and we buy in bulk whenever possible to limit plastic packaging. Seventh Generation is a company that is environmentally and community oriented through their products and through activism. They are a company we align with and we are happy to be using their products in our space. And as a bonus, their cleaning products are safe to use with no harmful chemicals, while still cleaning and disinfecting our space.
  • All of our laundry is washed with True Earth detergent. True Earth laundry strips are packaged 100% plastic free and are as sensitive to skin as they are to the environment. They are also free of parabens, phosphates, added dyes and chlorine bleach. They are biodegradable, hypoallergenic and vegan. (No animal products or animal testing.) And as a bonus, they make our laundry smell fresh and clean without any perfumes!

Reducing need for paper products and when necessary, using paper made from post-consumer materials

We have gone paperless with our liability waivers. New to our studio or need to sign our updated liability waiver? Use one of our iPads, or scan the QR code at the front desk. 

While we had the option of cloth hand towels instead of paper towels in the bathrooms pre-pandemic, we do not feel it is time to bring those back. In lieu of cloth hand towels, we use paper towels made from 100% recycled fibers in the bathrooms. 

“If it’s broken, fix it, don’t replace it”

Things break. All the time. Everything has a lifespan. However, we work hard to make sure we are not over-consuming. If something is broken, we prefer to roll up our sleeves and fix it rather than replace it whenever possible.

Do you have suggestions on how we can continue to improve in minimizing our footprint on this earth? Send us a message!