Celebrating Jahan + Q Center Benefit Class!

We are saying “farewell for now” to Jahan Djalali from our teaching staff as she continues her transition. Jahan is a 2020 graduate of the FLY Teacher Training program and has been teaching with us since October 2020. This farewell is bittersweet because although we will miss Jahan and her classes dearly, we are happy for her to be taking the time she needs and look forward to her return when ready ❤️

We are celebrating Jahan and her journey by holding a benefit for the Q Center as her last class at FLY in 2022.

What: Warm Deep Stretch
When: August 16 @ 8pm in the Fire Room
How: This is a Sliding Scale class and 100% of the money raised goes directly to the Q Center! Choose the donation amount of your choice at sign up.

If you are not able to attend Jahan’s final class and would like to make a donation please do so in the link below. Firelight Yoga and the Q Center appreciates your support in helping us reach our donation goal of $750, no matter what amount you are able to give ❤️

A message from Jahan:
For the past 5 years, I have both taken and taught hundreds of classes at Firelight Yoga. I originally came to FLY in 2017 (my first class was Holly’s Hot Fly 60), when I was early in my transition. I was shy, I was lonely, I felt very ostracized at my day job, and FLY was one of the few places in Portland where I felt comfortable and at ease. In 2020, after completing my 200-hour at FLY, I became a yoga teacher to bring more visibility to minorities. My experience at other yoga studios has not always been positive, and I wanted to SHOW and not tell the story of what I was going through. My objective was to put a face to a story about transitions, and while at times it made me feel vulnerable and nervous, the studio and the community always had my back. Whenever I have felt insecure, my fellow teachers have been there to hype me up, fix my hair, and support me in all aspects of my life in and out of the studio. This is a representation of what Firelight stands for: Support, Compassion, and Gratitude. A few months ago, a student told me in private that after practicing yoga for over 10+ years, they finally felt comfortable to just take off their shirt and be in their sports bra without worrying about what people thought of their bodies. It was in that moment that I realized that while my journey might be different than others, whether you are trans or cis, we all need a community that we can rely on for support and non-judgment. This moment was also when I realized I had accomplished my goal of sharing my story, and helping others feel empowered in their own bodies. I’m no longer shy, lonely, or isolated. I’m confident and comfortable with myself, and I fully trust my voice and instincts. With that closure, I’ve decided to take time off from teaching to step into my cocoon and take my much needed rest. Thanks again for everything I can’t wait to see you all again in the future. xoxo!