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Olivia Sears

Studio Associate/Teacher

Yoga found me when I moved to Chicago in 2012 after graduating college. For as long as I can remember I struggled with feeling truly comfortable in my body. I was searching for a deeper and more meaningful connection with myself, and soon found myself in a Bikram yoga studio in downtown Chicago. Having never practiced yoga before, the Bikram sequence was intimidating, and equally as intimidating to me at that time was having to stare at my reflection for an entire 90 minutes. Yet every day after work I showed up to improve my physical, spiritual, and mental practice – to become more comfortable with how I existed in the world. I eventually began to practice yoga at home as well, and the gradual transformation of mind, body, and spirit translated into my daily life off of the mat as I began to see myself and the world around me in a new, beautiful light.

My move to Portland resounded a craving for more growth and change, and ultimately brought me to Firelight Yoga, where I ended up completing my 200 hour RYT training during the winter of 2016. As a yoga teacher, I strive to cultivate a space where students feel welcomed, empowered, and feel a profound sense of energizing self-love from their practice. In my personal practice over the past four years, I’ve experienced a radical mental and spiritual transformation, and feel honored to share with students the love, light, and joy yoga has brought to my life.