Firelight Yoga 2-Year Anniversary!!!

Reflection and Intention after Two Years of FLY…

This time of year, more than any other time, has a special meaning to everyone. Family time and togetherness; missing someone and sadness; special occasions and gatherings; closing one chapter and beginning another; reflection and intention. Maybe even all of these things together. Every year that passes, new memories are added and future dreams are made.
Two years ago, we, (Holly and Jessica and our husbands and a few friends,) were working hard on Christmas to finish up the construction details of Firelight Yoga for a New Year opening. It didn’t “feel” like Christmas at the time because it was so different from all the previous years. There was little family time, relaxation or time for jubilation. But there was definitely a plate full of reflection and intention…with a side of stress and nerves. And a big full glass of “keep on keepin’ on” because this is going to happen when it’s supposed to happen!

You see, Firelight Yoga was “supposed” to open in October. Then it was November. Then December. Then it was New Years. We had been through a lot together that year while making our dream come true. It wasn’t easy. But as we reflect, we know, it was never supposed to be easy.

This year, there is still a lot of reflection and intention. Upon reflecting on the strong community of yogis that make up Firelight Yoga, our hearts are full. It has surpassed our highest dreams and best intentions. The first year was tough but incredibly rewarding. The second year was challenging too, but in different ways, and the most rewarding so far. As we watch our community grow so beautifully, we move into the next year with the intention to make this the best year yet. Every year we will face new challenges and every year will yield more growth personally and professionally. The amount of growth that has taken place in our personal lives in the last 2 years is immeasurable. And we are grateful for every minute.

As we celebrate 2 years of Firelight Yoga, (and all the growth, challenges, tears and laughter that have blessed us along the way,) we invite you to celebrate with us. On Tuesday, January 3, we celebrate our official birthday. All of our classes that day are $2 in celebration of 2 wonderful years, (and included in unlimited yoga packages for members with monthly, yearly, 3 month and 6 month memberships.) The following weekend, on Saturday, January 7, we will hold a client appreciation blacklight class with special guest teacher, Jason Morris, and live music by The Tree Head. This class is free, and as much as we wish we could fit all of our amazing FLYogis in the room at the same time, we know that it just isn’t possible, so pre-signup is a must. Jason will be teaching three other classes over the weekend, so we hope you can join us for as many as you can. We will be giving away one year of Unlimited Yoga at our blacklight class, as well as the winner’s choice between a 10-class card and one-month unlimited yoga at each of the other three classes taught by Jason.

Thank you for the inspiration you provide us, through your dedication to your practice and determination to live a healthy lifestyle. Firelight Yoga is coming into 2017 with a positive outlook and fresh intentions because of all of you. <3